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The website "www.taratatabijoux.com" sells costume novelty jewellery and other products from the brand "Taratata".

The brand "Taratata" is a brand distributed by the company JLN, SAS with a capital of ¤60,000, Registered Head office: 17 rue de la Miséricorde, 14000 Caen, FRANCE, +33 2 31 39 71 99 - taratata@taratatabijoux.com CAEN RCS 351 693 973.

The company JLN is registered for VAT and is registered for VAT and is filed under a distinct number under Article 286 of the General Tax code. Its individual identification number is FR30351693973.

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale herewith only apply and exclude all other conditions, to all sales made by the JLN company with non-professional buyers, wishing to acquire the products offered for sale by the JLN company on its website "www.taratatabijoux.com".

The conditions herewith applied exclude all other conditions, and in particular those applicable to sales in stores or through other distribution and marketing channels.

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are accessible at any time on this website and prevail, if any, over any other version or any other contradictory document. Unless proved otherwise, the data registered by the JLN company constitutes proof of all transactions. The customer must be aware of these terms before ordering and accept them without reservation when ordering on the website.

Article 1 - Price.

Prices shown on all products are in euros with all taxes included and exclude shipping costs. These prices are subject to change. However, the prices registered when ordering will be the prices invoiced.

Article 2 - Products.

The products sold on the site are available immediately.

Product offers are within the limits of available stocks.

In the case of a product being available after placing the order, the customer will be informed by email or phone. The order will, in this case, be cancelled and or be refunded, if the payment has already been made. The refund of the order shall be paid no later than 30 days following the payment of the order.

Some items may be temporarily unavailable: information to this effect will be disclosed on the site.

The photographs of the items are the most accurate reproduction possible. It is strongly recommended that the customer consult the description of each product.

Article 3 - Orders.

The provision of personal information collected in connection with distance selling and marked with an asterisk is compulsory. This information is necessary to process and track orders. This information is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed for commercial purposes and will be stored for a period strictly necessary for customer relationship management.

As soon as the order on the site is recorded and after acceptance of the latter by the JLN company, an order confirmation email will be sent to the customer to the email address specified by the latter. This email will serve as confirmation of the order.

In case of dispute or non-payment for a previous order, the JLN company reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order. In the same way, it may refuse or cancel an order if the order has an abnormal nature.

Any order placed on the online store is intended for personal use.

Any partial or total resale of products by customers or recipients is prohibited.

Sales of products offered on the site are reserved for customers resident in the territory of the European Union (excluding the French overseas departments and territories), and for which deliveries will also be made in these territories (excluding the French overseas departments and territories). The following countries are open for sales online : Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, metropolitan France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland.

Article 4 - Payment.

The price is payable in full on the day of placing the order by the Buyer, by secure payment, in accordance with the following rules:

  • By credit card : Visa, MasterCard.

Payments made by credit cards pass through the French bank CIC secure site.

Credit card payments are debited at the time of the confirmation of the order.

  • By cheque made payable to the company JLN TARATATA. When paying by cheque, it is presented for collection upon receipt. Payments made by the Buyer will be considered final only after receipt of the actual amounts due to the Seller. The shipment of the order will be in this case, after cashing the cheque. The cheque is to be sent by post to the following address:


            17 rue de La Miséricorde

            14000 Caen


  • by PayPal

The Seller will not be required to deliver products ordered by the Buyer if it does not pay the price in full in the conditions and specified as above.

In addition, the Seller reserves the right, in case of non-compliance of the payment conditions outlined above, to suspend or cancel delivery of current orders placed by the Buyer.

Article 5 - Delivery.

After payment of the order, products are shipped to the address specified by the customer, within a delivery time of 24 hours (unless otherwise indicated on the site) to which the delivery times of shipping the package are added. Delivery times may vary depending on the destination.

Orders placed on the site on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be processed the next business day. Orders placed during periods of annual leave will be processed within 2 business days following the reopening date mentioned on the website "www.taratatabijoux.com".

Shipping costs, including VAT, are calculated based on the recipient's delivery address.

For every order, for a french delivery address,  with an amount greater than or equal to ¤59.00 (excluding delivery costs), the items are shipped free of charge with Colissimo.

For every order, for a europe delivery address,  with an amount greater than or equal to ¤89.00 (excluding delivery costs), the items are shipped free of charge with Colissimo. (Allemagne, Belgique, Pays-Bas, Luxembourg, Royaume-Uni, Irlande, Italie, Espagne, Portugal, Autriche, Suisse, Suède, Danemark, Hongrie, Pologne, République Tchèque, Slovaquie, Slovénie, Estonie, Lettonie, Lituanie, Grèce, Bulgarie, Chypre, Croatie, Finlande, Malte, Roumanie).

To find out the costs, modes and indicative delivery times please consult the "Delivery" section.

The Seller agrees to exercise his best efforts to deliver the products ordered by the Buyer within the time indicated on the site. Nevertheless, the consumer may terminate the sales contract by registered letter post with acknowledgment of receipt in the case of a delivery date delivery of goods or for a service exceeding seven days and not due to a force majeure.

The amounts paid by the Buyer will be refunded excluding any compensation or deduction. This refund will occur at the latest within 14 days following the date on which the contract was terminated.

The delivery is deemed completed as soon as the carrier has delivered the ordered products to the Buyer.

The Buyer must verify the state of the delivered products. He has a period of ten days from the delivery to inform the " Taratata Customer Service " about any reservations or claims for non-compliance or defect of goods delivered, with all supporting documents relating thereto.

The reservations or complaints are addressed to the JLN company:

- By post, by writing to : Taratata- 17 rue de la Miséricorde, 14000 Caen, FRANCE

- By phone to +33 231 397 199 Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 12.00pm and 1:30pm to 4:30pm.

- E-mail to : shop@taratatabijoux.com,

- Or through the contact form available on the website "www.taratatabijoux.com"

Except with legitimate reason, any claim made after 15 days following receipt of the products will be inadmissible.

After the period of the aforementioned ten days and/or failing to comply with the formality, the products will be deemed compliant and free from defect and no claim will be validly accepted by the Seller.

The Seller will replace as soon as possible and at his expense, the products delivered with defects or non-conformities, which have been duly proved by the Buyer.

The return of non-compliant products, will take place under the same conditions as the initial shipment.

The return and forwarding expenses will be borne by the JLN company.

Article 6 - Transfer of ownership - Transfer of risk.

The transfer of ownership of the products of the Seller, for the benefit of the Buyer, will occur only after full payment by the latter, and this whatever the delivery date of the said products.

Article 7 - Right of withdrawal.

The buyer has at his disposal under the law (Article L221-18 of the French Consumer Code) a withdrawal period of 14 days. This period takes effect the day after the receipt of the product by the buyer. This right of withdrawal includes the repayment of the article and the initial shipping cost*, without penalty, except for the costs of return which will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.

*The initial shipping costs will be refunded in case the buyer returns the entire order. In the case of a partial return these shipping costs will not be refunded.

Before sending back the products the buyer has to inform the seller :

- by E-mail to : shop@taratatabijoux.com,

- Or through the contact form available on the website "www.taratatabijoux.com"

The application of the right of withdrawal is subject to the shipment to the seller, by the buyer, of the delivered product, a copy of the invoice and the retraction form.

Except as expressly stated by the buyer, the bank details for refund must be identical to those in the order approved by the buyer during the initial order.

Once the buyer has exercised his right of withdrawal within the time limit, the seller agrees to repay it as soon as possible and at the latest within 14 days of the date on which this right was exercised, the total sums paid, excluding return costs referred to above, provided that the delivered product is returned to the seller intact and clean in its original packaging.

The return will be made to the following address :


17 rue de la Miséricorde

14000 Caen - FRANCE

The goods are transported at the risk and peril of the sender.

Article 8 - Compliance.

The products supplied by the Seller are covered of the following, in accordance with legal provisions,

- The legal guarantee of conformity,

- The legal guarantee against hidden defects resulting from a defect in material, design or manufacture affecting the delivered products and making them unfit for use,

- Manufacturer warranty, depending on the brands and products concerned.

All warranties are excluded in case of misuse, neglect or lack of maintenance on the part of the Buyer, as in case of normal wear and tear of the property, accident or force majeure and the guarantee of the Seller is limited to replacement or reimbursement of non-conforming products or defective.

To assert his rights, the Buyer must, or risk loss of rights of the guarantee relating thereto, notify the Seller in writing of the existence of defects after their discovery.

The Seller will replace or have the product repaired or product parts found to be defective under warranty. The products sold on the website comply with the regulations applicable in France.

The Buyer has the sole responsibility for the choice of products, their conservation and utilization.

The Seller will not be held responsible for any consequential or faulty delay or failure in the occurrence of a force majeure usually recognized by French case law.

Article 9 - Normal warranty.

Further to the legal requirements, the company JLN guarantees deux years on all its products: the invoice date attached to the back of the authentic date of purchase.

In the absence of an invoice in the parcel the returned product may not be covered by warranty.

This warranty does not cover improper use of the normal use of the product, nor the case of a force majeure usually recognized by French case law.

The defective product under warranty will be repaired or replaced; the costs of returning the defective item are borne by the customer.

The processing time of the defective item will be 30 days, extended in the case of annual leave.

In a case of a shortage or an unavailability of the article, the JLN company reserves the right to refund the price of the order (excluding transport costs), no later than within 30 days from the date the defective product was received.

The return of a product will be to the following address :


17 rue de la Miséricorde

14000 Caen - FRANCE

Should the return address differ from that of the initial delivery, the customer must notify the after sales service in writing by mail to the address above or by email at the following address : " shop@taratatabijoux.com "

Article 10 - Applicable law / Dispute.

The language of this contract is French. The terms and conditions hereby are subject to French law. In case of dispute, the French courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

According to the provisions of the Consumer Code, the customer has the opportunity to enter the services of a mediator free of charge for the amicable settlement of any unresolved dispute with the opponent of JLN TARATATA.

This mediation procedure can only be triggered if the JLN customer service has not responded satisfactorily to your request.

JLN TARATATA is a member of the Centre de la Médiation de la Consommation des Conciliateurs de justice (CM2C).

Postal address: 14 rue Saint Jean, 75017 PARIS.

Mail: cm2c@cm2c.net

Website: www.cm2c.net

Article 11 - Responsibility.

The JLN company will not be responsible for the delay in the execution or the total or partial non-performance of its obligations hereunder if such delay or non-performance are linked to a case of a force majeure, in particular total or partial disruption due to strike action of postal services and transport means and/or communication, flood or fire ... The JLN company will inform its customers of a force majeure event at the earliest opportunity.

No compensation - interest can be claimed if:

- The product is unavailable,

- There is a late delivery,

- A loss or theft of the parcel,

- A force majeure case as recognized by French case law.

Responsibility for JLN company shall be limited to the amount of the invoice, in case of dispute.

Finally, the JLN company cannot be held responsible or liable for any inconvenience or damage arising from the use of the Internet, including a break in service, interference from an external source or the presence of computer viruses.

Article 12 - Personal data.

In accordance with the "French Data Protection" law, JLN company has registered with the CNIL.

To manage the processing of the order in its entirety, personal data must be collected.

The information and data collected are subject to data processing thus intended for management, delivery, payment, order tracking.

The sales and administrative services of the JLN company are the recipients of the data.

The customer may in the course of the business relationship subscribe to the Newsletter of the brand. If he wishes to retract this, he needs:

- To send a letter to: SAS JLN - Taratata -17 rue de la Miséricorde, 14000 Caen - FRANCE

- Or send a message to shop@taratatabijoux.com

In accordance with the "computer and freedoms" law of January 6, 1978 amended in 2004, the customer has a right of termination, access and rectification of the information concerning him; he can exercise this right by writing to:


17 rue de la Miséricorde

14000 Caen - FRANCE

Or send an email to the following address: shop@taratatabijoux.com

The customer can also, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of personal data.

Article 13 - Intellectual property.

The site content is the property of the Seller and its partners and is protected by French and international laws on intellectual property.

Total or partial reproduction of this content is strictly prohibited and may constitute copyright infringement.

In addition, The Provider remains the owner of all intellectual property rights of the studies, drawings, models, prototypes, etc., made (even at the request of the Client) for the provision of services to the Client. The Customer therefore prohibits any reproduction or use of the studies, drawings, models and prototypes, etc., without the prior explicit written consent of the Provider who can make it conditional on financial compensation.

Article 14 - Customer Service.

The customer service is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 4.30pm, excluding annual leave, public holidays and closures due to unforeseen circumstances via the following number:

+33 231 397 199.

Or by mail to the following address: shop@taratatabijoux.com